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Project Portal

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Whether big or small, contractors need project management solutions that can handle their needs.  Until now, the full featured project management solutions were priced so that only the big contractors could afford them.

Time for a change!!

  • Track RFIs, Submittals, Meetings, Tasks
  • Drag and Drop document management
  • Manage project finances  easily
  • Document control and management
  • Share and collaborate on project details
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One place to manage everything 

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Drag & drop file management

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Real-time integrated reports & analysis

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Better collaboration and workflows

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Automated Workflows

Twenty20 Construction Cloud increases efficiency, speeds up processes and reduces risk by automating processes and workflows.

Use the workflows that come out-of-the-box, or work with our professional services team to create workflows and processes that are unique to you.

Examples of workflows that are part of our base system include: 

  • Route Invoices, Subcontracts, and Change Orders for approvals
  • Send notifications to project stakeholders to collaborate via the portal
  • View, annotate, comment and markup attachments and drawings
  • Automatically changes status of documents based on user actions

Everything in 1 System

Surely, you have tried to submit a Request for Information (RFI) or a submital. You have had to send emails to everyone, they download your attachments, make changes and send a new revised email back.

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Streamlined Collaboration

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Project analysis with drill down

Easy to use reports that allow you to group, sort and filter your data how ever makes sense for you.

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Easily Manage all Your Project Requirements advanced features that rival the most expensive competitors