Be the change you want to see

 Hindsight Technologies was founded with a rebellious spirit and ambitions belief that #ConstructionDeservesMore. Brant Wadsworth, the Founder and President has almost 20 years selling, implementing, training, consulting, and has done data conversions for almost every construction software solution including: Sage Software, Viewpoint, Accubuild, Foundation, CMiC, ComputerEase, Procore and others.

We have listened to our customers for years. Twenty20 Construction Cloud is the result of our experience with those customers, their feedback and our passion for innovation. In order to see the changes we wanted to see in the construction software industry, we had to be that change.


Rome wasn't built in a day

Twenty20 Construction Cloud wasn't either. We have many years of experience with contractors of all sectors: Commercial, Residential and Industrial General Contractors, Specialty Subcontractors, Property Managers, Developers and Owners all using a software solution and trying to make it work for their business.  Almost everyone looking to buy construction software had one thing in common:  They finally got fed up with something in their current software solution that made them want to go and look for an alternative. They look at the solutions on the market, deal with an experienced salesperson that will say and show what is required expertly hiding or downplaying the products weaknesses in order to close the deal. After the grueling process of finding a new software solution they realize that they switched from one solution to another only to trade a feature that drove them crazy - for new features that drive them crazy. 

Twenty20 is the answer

This is the 21st Century.  Everyone has a cell phone, we shop online, we research websites before doing business with a company or purchasing their products, we email, text, message, and use social media to keep connected and receive more accurate information faster than ever before. Our expectations are changing! 

Twenty20 Construction cloud is the answer.  Twenty20 is a full Construction ERP solution.  That means (If you don't know or understand the term) we handle all aspects of your business.  

Twenty20 Construction Cloud will handle:

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Quotes, Proposals, and Contracts

  • Project Management

  • Project Budgets

  • Subcontract and Purchase Order Management

  • Inventory

  • Invoicing and Billing

  • Equipment Tracking and Maintenance

  • Human Resource Management, recruiting, expense reports, and time off

  • Marketing and Website with Search Engine Optimization, Analytics, Email Marketing and Campaign Management

  • and more

Twenty20 Construction Cloud is built with flexibility in mind.

  • Available from any device anywhere there is an  internet connection

  • Customizable per the needs of each customer

We know that switching software is a big decision. We know that historically there is a great risk in switching.  We want to erase the risk.