Project Meetings

Record, access and organize your meeting minutes.

Twenty20 submittals allows you to control the entire submittal process. From the time that you enter the submittal register until tit is approved by the Design Team 

  • Request submittal details from the subcontractor
  • Send to the review team for approval and/or revison.
  • Get final approval from the design team.
  • Submittal is ready for execution - on time!
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01. Easy RFI creation

It is a vital part of developing new products. At every stage of the process, research can help you identify key issues and avoid mistakes.

02. Seamless collaboration

The process of economic and social that is based on complex cultural and environmental factors and their interactions.

03. visibility on project portal

Complete testing of a web-based system before going life can help address issues before the system is revealed to the public.

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